Founded in 1989 with Peruvian investments that allowed the company to enter the market as an electrical goods assembly plant under the name ELTESA, nevertheless the same year the company decided to change its business strategy to focus on appliance retailing, in doing so the company opened two stores in Ecuador, one in Quito and one in Guayaquil.

Following this, the company decided to change its name to a more commercial one, and this is how Artefacta was born, Ecuadorian appliances for the home


Year of foundation of the brand under the name ELTESA.


They began marketing the concept “Extended Warranty”, always envisioning the continuing innovation of products and services delivered to the customer.


Artefacta decided to extend its product line to Motorcycles and cellular phones, making it one of the first chains that opened a different sales channel for these products.


The company began selling desktops and laptops, and is today one of the fastest growing lines of the company.


Artefacta cambió su concepto publicitario por uno más amigable e innovador, adoptando la imagen de “Familia de Electrodomésticos”, el cual logró mejorar los niveles de identificación, recordación y resultados de sus campañas publicitarias.


Artefacta was the first store in Ecuador to venture into the mass sale of insurance, offering its customers a package of covers life, accident, and unemployment insurance in order to improve customer service.


Artefacta with its 98 stores joins the Unicomer Group family with a second place in Ecuador’s top of mind.