ElectroFácil is one of Paraguay’s most innovative companies and a leader in the industry of appliance, furniture, electronics, computers and household articles. The brand continuously looks for new opportunities to be closer to its customers.

Due to the commercial strength and financial size of the company the entire management team at ElectroFácil has been able to anticipate the market´s needs and provide commercial facilities for all Paraguayans so they can access to a better quality of life.


ElectroFácil was founded at the end of 2008 and from the first day it stood out for its spacious and comfortable sale rooms located in the heart of Asunción, offering the best prices in the market, the most convenient loans and the widest variety of products.


ElectroFácil joined the Unicomer Group family in 2015 with major objectives and determined to continue with its ambitious growth process by planning to enable eight more points of sale in 2016 where all the staff are local employees as a social response to every city in which we open a new store.

The Motor Center points of sale pass under the image, visual and name of ElectroFácil, exhibiting and selling all the products and services that were offered by the commercial brand in addition to motorcycles.

This trade agreement makes ElectroFácil one of the companies with greater national presence expanding from 12 to 32 stores.