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Unicon was born in 1955 and is the most important chain in Aruba for the sale and service of household appliances, furniture and household items. Its three stores with the same name, AMC Unicon, traces its beginnings to the CETECO group of chains from which Unicomer Group acquired “La Curacao” and “Almacenes Tropigas” in Central America in the year 2000. By selling household appliances and items AMC Unicon is complemented by Home & Nature stores, specializing in the sale of furniture, Hagemyer focused on furniture and appliances, and Price Hacker, giving consumers another purchase option for low-priced items with a perceived value.

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With its brand extension Optica Unicon, we provide our customers access to the best vision care and financing plans, through a centralized shopping experience in one place to improve their quality of life.

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