Fácil de comprar y barato de pagar

Its character Baratito was born in 2014 to give the chain a friendly face, always offering the best prices with a smile and a bit of magic.

Baratodo was born in order to increase market share, through the creation of a new competitor. One of its characteristics is to have stores larger than 300 m2 that allow us to introduce new product lines, such as furniture, a line in which the group has vast experience in other countries, and in Ecuador it has become a great opportunity. Among the chains main skills is active sales or routing sales, work that was abandoned in the market’s competitors, and that has begun to differentiate us; accompanied by a policy of benefits for our staff members that make them become a great fortress.

 The first store was opened in Guayaquil, complying with the focus of reaching another sector, and of being perceived as an easy, accessible, close chain, with a wide variety of products and modern. Baratodo works under the slogan: "Easy to buy, easy to pay”.

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