Gollo App: Innovating the shopping experience in Costa Rica


At Unicomer Group, our mission is to improve our customers quality of life through our several brands, which is why today we are proud to announce the launch of the Gollo App, a new application that will revolutionize the way people in Costa Rica shop and pay their bills.

With the Gollo App, our customers can access the entire product catalogue that our store offers, which allows them to buy online whenever and wherever they want. Plus, our customers can pay their bills and check their account statements, helping them stay on top of their finances. Our customers have always been our top priority and we believe the Gollo App is the perfect way to make their experience with our brands even better.

In addition, we guarantee a 24-hour product delivery time throughout the country! This means that our customers can receive their items faster, no matter where they are in Costa Rica.

We thank our teams who have worked to make the Gollo App a reality. Their hard work and dedication have allowed us to improve our customers’ experience with our brands.

We invite everyone in Costa Rica to download the Gollo App and live the new experience that we offer today.

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