New Innovative, Collaborative and Sustainable Offices in Ecuador


On May 17th, 2022, we inaugurated our new offices in Ecuador, levels 5, 6 and 7, which offer our staff members a collaborative and innovative space that allows them to live the digital transformation. These new offices are a reflection of our work methodologies, which seek to encourage creativity, agility and adaptability in our teams.

Located in the Colón Business Park in Guayaquil, the headquarters marks a turning point in our history and development as a company within the country, with the presence of our leading brands such as Artefacta, RadioShack, Baratodo, Tropimotors and Ópticas Artefacta.

Our commitment to the environment is present in our new offices, where we have made efforts to ensure that our spaces are environmentally friendly and we take care of electrical energy, water consumption, we do not use single-use plastics and the materials used are the least polluting possible.

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