Unicomer Group announces its new Distribution Center located in the largest logistics park in Central America in Nejapa, El Salvador


Unicomer Group is excited to announce our involvement in the development of the Nneo Nejapa logistics park in El Salvador, an ambitious project led by Grupo Ternova with 100,000 square meter space. The new Distribution Center will rank among the top three logistics facilities throughout Central America and as number one in the Northern Triangle (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador). Unicomer Group will occupy most of the space, starting with almost 30,000 square meters, and with a future projected expansion to a total of 50,000 square meters.

This strategic investment places Unicomer Group at the region's forefront regarding logistics infrastructure, setting a significant milestone in our growth and solidifying our position as industry leaders. The facilities will have 4 logistics warehouses, with 12 meter high ceilings, complying with world class standards. This state-of-the-art logistics park, outfitted with cutting-edge technology, will enhance our operational efficiency and our ability to keep delivering top-quality services and products to our clients.

Beyond strengthening our operations, the acquisition of this new logistics space underlines our dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Nneo Nejapa will feature an Edge green construction certification, reflecting a design focus on environmentally friendly, sustainable practices that engage with the community. Moreover, they'll be implementing a waste recovery and recycling program.

This investment will not only benefit Unicomer Group but the local community as well by generating over 1,000 direct and indirect jobs in Nejapa, El Salvador, due to the construction. At Unicomer Group, we recognize the importance of investing in our local communities and fostering opportunities that enhance their growth and well-being.

Finally, the strategic location of this new facility, with access to ports, main routes to the east and west, and proximity to the Metropolitan Area of San Salvador, will allow us to centralize operations, improving response times for customer orders and store replenishment, as well as improve delivery times for all of our e-commerce customers.

This project marks a significant step for Unicomer Group, reinforcing our commitment to innovation, efficiency, environmental responsibility, and community growth. We are thrilled about the opportunities this new chapter presents and look forward to continuing our leadership in the industry, always aiming to create opportunities for everyone to thrive and prosper.

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