Unicomer Group in Guyana celebrates its new initiatives during its International Building Expo 2023


During the International Building Expo 2023 we showcased the opportunities created for small businesses through two major lines of sales and services: Courts Business Solutions (CBS) and Transformation Operation.
The CBS initiative provides commercial teams, furniture, and Ready Finance solutions (cash loans) to small, medium and large companies, with greater attention to the hotel, construction and restaurant vertical sectors. This new initiative seeks to empower companies, drive economic growth within the country and encourage innovation within the corporate community.
During the Expo, which took place from August 24th to 27th, special offers and product features were announced so that our guests were aware of the various Ready Finance options offered.
“With flexible products and financial solutions, we aim to equip businesses with a full set of tools they need to thrive,” says Unicomer Guyana and Dutch Caribbean Sub-Regional Managing Director Vincent Gordon. Furthermore, Gordon assured that "We believe in the unlimited potential of Guyana's business community, and Courts Business Solutions reflects our dedication to facilitating its success."
Another important launch during the exhibition was the Transformation Operation promotion, where we offered our clients who are interested in doing home renovations, courtesy of Courts. The lucky winner will witness how a living space becomes a comfortable and stylized environment in accordance with the intimacy of their home. “Through this promotion, our goal is to create a lasting positive impact for one lucky customer and their family,” Gordon said.

Participants can register in person or online and details were provided at the Unicomer Group booth during the Exhibition. Unicomer Group Guyana welcomes all those interested in attending the launch of Courts Business Solutions and the Home Makeover promotion at the International Building Expo. We invite you to stay informed about how we continue to provide wellness opportunities for everyone.

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