Unicomer Group is one of the first companies in El Salvador to open its Breastfeeding Rooms in its Corporate Offices


It’s with great enthusiasm we announce to our staff members and visitors that we now have a private, hygienic, and accessible room for mothers who are breastfeeding and need to do so on office hours. We have equipped this space as well so they can preserve their milk safely.

At Unicomer Group we are aware that breast milk is the best food to nurture infants during their first stages of their life cycle, and we comply with the Love Converted into Food Law in El Salvador, by conditioning a space with the equipment necessary to guarantee this fundamental right and be part of the country's projection as a protector of Breastfeeding.

It is important to know that El Salvador is one of the few countries in the region that has comprehensive regulations that encourage, protect and support breastfeeding and as Unicomer Group we are always creating opportunities for all of us to achieve well-being, which is why we unite to such an important commitment.
Our rooms are fully equipped with all the necessary equipment and materials, thinking firstly on our mother’s comfort and safety, so that they can be used whenever they wish. To guarantee the proper functioning of our lactation rooms, we have developed operating guidelines that nursing mothers must follow, with the purpose of keeping the place in optimal hygienic and comfortable conditions and thus not interrupting the breastfeeding process, according to the guidelines given by the Ministry of Health.

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