Building a better society is the responsibility of all those in it, through actions that impact positively in all the aspects that help reach a sustainable development. This is why at the Unicomer Group we have placed priority on helping to develop the general well-being and development of the communities where we operate, with initiatives that allow the construction of a society with equal opportunities to everyone.

Considering that volunteer activities are the biggestexpressions of responsibility and humanity that people can give to any communities’ well-being, Unicomer Group created opportunities through which our employees, their families and community members can volunteer to achieve this common goal. In this opportunity we embarked on the first Volunteer Week to contribute to the development of the communities in the 21 countries wherein which Unicomer Group operates.

During these days of corporate volunteer we achieved the active participation of over 1,500 volunteers, who worked simultaneously during these days to have a bigger impact in each country. The dedication and effort of each participant in these activities helped in the awareness of building a more responsible and committed society within each country and the region as a whole.

“In the Unicomer Group we consider that each of us can make a difference in someone else’s life and that being a volunteer is the biggest expression of responsibility and dedication to the communities. This is why in Unicomer Group we developed the Volunteer Week, through which we give the opportunity for them to give a helping hand to those in need”- Lucrecia Bettaglio, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Unicomer Group.

We would like to acknowledge our Latin Americancounterparts who actioned and successfully completed the construction of 68 houses and as a result of this generous effort positively benefiting these families who now have better shelter conditions. In the countries where Unicomer Group operates in the Caribbean we acknowledge their work with different organizations in the refurbishment of schools, children and elderly homes, and others, contributing to the development of the communities. This initiative aimed to activate the participation of our employees and the communities to increase the awareness of the role we all as a people have in instilling the changes we need.

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