Unicomer Group seeks to make its social responsibility strategy and its good practices an integralmanagement with increasingly positive results for society.

Unicomer Group is consolidated as one of the most important Salvadoran corporations with presence in Central America, South America, the Caribbean and the United States.

The group stands out for developing corporate social responsibility as an integral part in the way of doing business and contribute to the development of an equitable, sustainable and solidare society based on different actions that are carried out in the 24 countries where it operates.

Unicomer Group is comprised of different companies that share in an integrated way the same strategy, a concept of CSR that generates social, economic and environmental value for the 24 countries were it operates. The Curacao of Central America and the Dominican Republic, Almacenes Tropigas and Loco Luis in Central America, Unicomer in the United States, Courts and Lucky Dollar in the Caribbean, AMC Unicon in Aruba, Omni in Curacao, Bonaire And St. Maarten, Artefacta and Baratodo in Ecuador, Gollo in Costa Rica, Electro Fácil in Paraguay and the RadioShack franchise in Central America, South America and the Caribbean. Operating more than 1,000 stores and with the highest market share in 20 of the 24 countries where it is present.

Unicomer Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Lucrecia Bettaglio commented: “Within Unicomer Group’s values ​​is the commitment to contribute responsibly in the countries where weoperate, we share with our store chains the same strategy based on ethical principles, values ​​and contribution to social welfare and sustainable development of the country. We have integrated the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) at the heart of our business. ”countries where it is present.

The CSR actions that Unicomer Group carries out are aimed at generating social, economic and environmental value, generating social value with programs that support education, such as infrastructure improvements, academic reinforcement programs, donation of desks, lenses, among others. In addition, they support vulnerable populations with programs that help ensure a good quality of life.

In economic value, Unicomer Group supports the growth of small and medium businesses with programs that provide management tools to grow its business. In environmental value, it seeks to reduce the environmental footprint with solid, electrical and electronic waste management programs.

Volunteer Week takes place in the 24 countries wherethe Group operates, involving more than 1,500 volunteers, who work on home-building activities, revitalization of schools, senior homes and public spaces, improving the lives of thousands of people who benefit from these volunteer hours, which amount to about 12,000 hours in which the Group’s employees work to help different causes.

Unicomer Group, a company that seeks to make its social responsibility strategy and its good practices an integral management with increasingly positive results for society as this volunteer project thatmanages to impact the lives of many people.

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