Building a society with equal opportunities for all, it is the task of those who shape it through active participation that translates into actions that benefit most vulnerable and in need of public support. It is for this reason that Unicomer Group joins the fight against addictions with the construction of an expansion in the recovery home “La Esperanza” located in San Luis Mariona, El Salvador. These facilities will help improve the conditions of patients harboring the house.

The investment made by Unicomer Group has been used for the construction of a therapy room, a computer room, room volunteers, living recreational therapy, multipurpose room, living group therapy, outpatient ward of women and community, and health. These facilities provide convenience for the development of the recovery program, ensuring a greater impact on the results of process.

The recovery home “La Esperanza” currently has 21 patients, and has a capacity of up to 40 people for the development of therapies. Annually it receives an average of 200 patients, mostly men of limited resources coming voluntarily to be treated for his addiction to alcohol or other drugs. The recovery home seeks recovery of patients through training and therapeutic processes, becoming a means through which to achieve social reintegration.

With this expansion, Group Unicomer expected impact people who need more support in society, and are more difficult to achieve sustainable personal development. Recovery House “La Esperanza” is the second project to support rehabilitation centers for addictions by Unicomer Group, the first Hogares Crea in Sonsonate, where an investment of $ 220,000 was made for the construction of a building to benefit young people in recovery.


Recovery Home “La Esperanza” is a Christian-based group home, nonprofit, interested in the recovery of people suffering from addiction to alcohol and any other drugs. The House of Recovery is the work of the Religious Congregation of the Sacred Heart Missionaries (MSC), which has 25 years in El Salvador. It was founded in 1989 by Brother Paulino González, Missionary Religious of the Sacred Heart.

Its mission is to provide comprehensive care for alcoholics and drug addicts with the methodology of Therapeutic Communities and implement programs of human and spiritual development. Its work is based on values ​​such as faith, hope, family, perseverance, among others.

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