Committed with inclusive work environments


Unicomer Costa Rica has been recognized with the ‘Costa Rica Incuye’ (Costa Rica Includes) prize, granted by the Business Association for Development, the National Council for People with Disabilities, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the ILO and the Government of the Republic of Costa Rica.

The award recognizes Unicomer Group in the category of inclusive hiring.

In order to grant this recognition, Human Capital and Social Responsibility initiatives were considered to guarantee the ideal conditions and processes to attract talent based on human rights and the inclusion of people with disabilities.

The initiative to train the immediate heads of collaborators with disabilities was recognized. In addition, employees with disabilities received training in soft skills development, such as customer service, self-esteem and communication, conducted in conjunction with the Ministry of Labor of Costa Rica.

We currently have 11 employees with disabilities in our Costa Rican team, mainly with cognitive disabilities, and we have an internship process where our stores act as practice centers for students of technical schools that have a disability.

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