FESA and the Unicomer Group celebrate their partnership for integral education and healthy recreation


FESA and the Unicomer Group established a strategic partnership for sport and education development, with the opening and blessing of the facilities for the FESA School. Through this facility, high performance athletes will have access to the required equipment, special technology and educational programs to support their continuous academic development without having to stop their sports training.

In February 2017, the Unicomer Group and FESA announced a strategic partnership to contribute towards the education of the best athletes in El Salvador and to promote healthy recreation for Unicomer’s employees. This partnership included a significant contribution for the construction of the Specialized School for High Performance Athletes (FESA) and the lease of the facilities for the Company’s employees and their families.

The school’s infrastructure spans more than 12,900 square feet and is divided into two floors; the contribution made by Unicomer paved the way for the completion of construction for the first floor of the School, which served as the basis for the approval of a loan to finish the second level of this facility. Some of the key features of the two floors are 10 smart technology classrooms, equipped with special cameras (for students to attend their classes when they are out of the country participating in international camps or competitions) Chemistry and Physics Labs, Sports Intelligence Center, Library, Preceptory Cubicles and the main Administrative Offices. This facility will be utilized by over 220 athletes in 27 sports disciplines, from 7th grade to high-school, all of whom are champions or nationally selected by the Sport Federations. 

“On behalf of the FESA family we thank Mario Siman and his directors from the Unicomer Group for their trust given to our institution and the big contribution made to this project; which demonstrates the high level of Social Responsibility Unicomer has towards the development of our youths from El Salvador, as well as with their employees. The large investment made by the Unicomer Group has afforded us the opportunity to have facilities that are first world, to give the best quality academic development to our athletes who defend the blue and white from our country” said Jorge Bahaia, President of FESA.

“It is a great pleasure for us to work with institutions such as FESA, who serve a very important job function, to offer a high-quality education to young students and athletes in El Salvador. Additionally, with the sports program, they provide the opportunity for students to develop their natural talents without sacrificing their education. This type of development allows students to access university scholarships outside of the country, giving them access to a high-quality education and life experiences beyond our borders. This partnership also affords us the opportunity to offer our employees a space for themselves and their families to come together and engage in exercise and healthy activities together, contributing to their personal well-being.” Said Mario Siman, CEO of Unicomer Group.

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