Unicomer Group is committed to young adults formation


Knowing that education is the basis for achieving sustainable development in people, giving them the necessary knowledge to achieve academic and personal goals, Unicomer Group contributes to the expansion of the “Ricardo Félix Simán Massis: Marist Baccalaureate of the San Alfonso Marist College, in the municipality of Mejicanos.

This new building will serve so that the students attended by the Marista College can finish their high school with high educational standards, characteristic of this institution. The contribution reaches $250,000, which was used for the construction of Physics, Chemistry and Biology classrooms, two computer rooms, a reinforcement classroom and a meeting room.

The High School was named in memory of Ricardo Félix Simán Massis, and will be used for the education of more than 900 students during the morning shift at Colegio Marista San Alfonso. In the afternoon, the facilities serve more than 400 students from the surrounding area as a Public Educational Center, with the aim of supporting those who have difficulties in accessing a good educational level.


The San Alfonso Marist School was founded in 1933 by Father Luis Chávez y González with the aim of providing support to low-income children and youth in the surroundings of his Parish, always being administered and directed by the Marist Brothers.
Its mission is to be a Catholic Educational Institution with social, cultural and evangelizing projection, capable of integrally forming its students, in the Marist style, so that they become agents of change and transformers of their reality, from the experience of evangelical values such as such as brotherhood, religiousness, responsibility, solidarity, love, sincerity, respect and justice.


Unicomer Group was founded in the year 2000, after acquiring the retail operations from the Central America of the Dutch multinational CETECO and is made up of several store chains, among them are: La Curacao, Almacenes Tropigas and RadioShack. They offer clients a wide selection of electronics, appliances and furniture. After 15 years, Unicomer Group is consolidated as one of the most important Salvadoran corporations, with a presence in Central America, the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean, Ecuador and the United States.

Unicomer Group is a company that operates in 20 countries from El Salvador, in which the Salvadoran vision is present through its parent company, with more than 14,000 direct staff members and offering its clients the widest and most modern product lines in the world, with credit solutions. With its customers in mind, Unicomer Group seeks to offer a range of added values to help obtain credit for those wanting to start a business. For this reason, it gives micro and small entrepreneurs the opportunity by offering them attractive financing plans that they could not obtain in traditional ways.

Among the company's values is their commitment to contribute responsibly in the countries where it operates. Unicomer Group constantly supports communities through education, health and infrastructure improvement. Among the projects that it executes are student scholarships, as well as the revitalization and equipment of schools, training in character formation and values. They also support cancer and HIV causes, children with Down syndrome and people with disabilities, through medical brigades that care for low-income households in their communities; as well as educational environmental campaigns, among others.

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