La Curacao invites everyone to share the peace


Throughout 2016, the country's main appliance sales store, La Curacao, will be reminding El Salvador that taking small actions can create a positive environment.

Its brand promise is “to live better” and its commitment is no longer limited to offering Salvadorans electrical appliances and other products that meet their home needs. La Curacao, a Unicomer Grou brand, wants to go further, promoting the most essential value for a good quality of life: peace.

To achieve this, it will seek to sensitize the population through the #YoCompartoLaPaz campaign, with a single objective: to encourage everyone to strive to cultivate it inside and out.

“We have all lost peace at some point, because of traffic, overwork, economic reasons, family problems, and that has an impact on living with others; What we want with this initiative is for El Salvador to understand that just as this great value can be easily lost, it can also be recovered through small actions”, highlights Juan José Girón, Unicomer Group’s General Manager for El Salvador.

Actions as simple as smiling even when you are facing a difficult situation, offering an apology if you have made a mistake, tolerating contrary opinions, thanking a kind gesture, showing respect for all people, serving those who need it, will undoubtedly generate a positive effect on today’s society.

“It’s about is making a personal effort to make a difference in our environment, promoting harmony and fraternity with attitudes that have an implicit multiplier effect, because when you smile at someone, no matter how sad that person is , they will smile back”,emphasizes Girón.

Peace month

#YoCompartoLaPaz is launched in January because it’s the month in which peace is celebrated, however, the campaign will be promoted throughout all 2016, because La Curacao wants to remind Salvadorans every day how important it is to live in peace.

“La Curacao contributes to boosting the economy by generating direct employment through our more than 38 branches in El Salvador and in the rest of the region, and many indirect jobs through its suppliers. We also help families live better, offering them credit programs to purchase the products they need; but we believe the country will always need us to continue contributing during the time the campaign that encourages us to share peace and to live in peace is being held”, highlighted Unicomer Group’s El Salvador general manager.

The #YoCompartoLaPaz campaign began at home, through different internal activities to sensitize more than two thousand of La Curacao’s staff members. As of today, in different parts of the country, you can find various messages alluding to this initiative, through advertisements, out of home publicity, and family activities that will be carried out in the branches as well as other actions in order to “infect” all salvadorans to share the peace.

On January 15th, the peace symbol will be published in newspapers where you can place a message, cut it out and share it on your personal social networks or on La Curacao's Facebook. On the website you will find information on all the activities that will be carried out around this campaign.

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