Unicomer Group and FESA announce a partnership that promotes academic training and sports.


Unicomer Group and FESA announced a new strategic partnership to contribute to the academic and human values training for athletes of the organization and to promote healthy recreation among the Group’s employees.

For more than 17 years in El Salvador, the group that operates in 24 countries from El Salvador, reaffirmed its commitment to work for the well-being of its associates and of the Salvadoran society in general, developing programs and projects that contribute to improve its quality of life.

That is why on this occasion Unicomer Group made a strategic partnership with the Educating a Salvadoran Foundation (FESA), which consists in an important contribution for the construction of the school for FESA facilities located in Santa Tecla. Under this agreement Unicomer Group’s associates and their families will be able to use the FESA’s sport installations at agreed times.

The investment made by Unicomer Group will also benefit young FESA athletes as they will have appropriate facilities to develop their academic skills without abandoning their sport.

“We are grateful for the strategic alliance with Unicomer Group, because the funds received will contribute to the construction of the first stage of the FESA Specialized School for Competing Athletes which will benefit many young people in our country,” said Jorge Bahaia, President of Fundación Educando a Salvadoreño, (FESA).

“Our employees and the communities where we operate are pillars of our company, so we focus our efforts on achieving their well-being by working on projects that provide integral development. With this agreement our collaborators will be able to count on a space in which they can exercise together with their families, as well as support young athletes in their academic education “said Rudy Simán, Director for Unicomer Group.

The school will have 800 square meters of construction. It will have intelligent classrooms, laboratory, computer room, nutrition center, library, preceptor cubicles and administrative offices. These facilities will integrally form hundreds of athletes of diverse sport disciplines, who are champions or members national teams.

The new school facilities will begin with 260 students and will go up to 500, which will be the maximum capacity of the school. Currently FESA has already graduated 11 senior classes, and with the contribution of this alliance, it will be possible to build part of the new Specialized School for Competing Athletes.

“Sport, recreation and play positively influence the physical and mental health of people; Teach important lessons about respect, leadership and teamwork, and thus impact on the overall well-being of people. That is why we wanted to support FESA with its great work of supporting the talent of young athletes with a comprehensive ​​education. ” Added Rudy Simán.

This initiative is part of the different programs and benefits that Unicomer Group develops for its associates, where among other aspects work for the integral academic training of associates through Unicomer University, which offers more than 200 training complementary courses. In addition, it grants school and university scholarships and school packages to employees’ children to improve their educational quality, providing more opportunities for academic growth.

Unicomer Group also has two medical clinics in El Salvador for employees meeting all health needs. They also have a reaction program in case of national emergencies due to natural disasters, through which they are responsible for covering basic needs for housing, health, food, among others, to those who have been affected during these situations.

Unicomer Group motivates its associates to be part of the changes in the country and has a volunteer program through which its employees are involved in social, environmental, and other activities.

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