Technology Hub Launch In Chile


In order to give our staff members innovative spaces and tools that motivate them to develop new ideas and turn them into value-added products or services for our customers, we recently inaugurated our first Technology Hub in Santiago de Chile called UnitecHub.

Technology Hubs are characterized by having a structure that encourages a sense of community, networking and collaborative work. Our Chief Information Officer (CIO), Helder Mao de Ferro explains: “We believe that innovation must be aligned with our customers lives, surprising and giving them new shopping experiences every day. For this, it’s essential that our staff members have work spaces where new ideas are promoted and where they can experiment. This is what we hope to achieve with the Technology Hubs”.

The Technology Hubs integrate our “Digital Factories”, which are organizations with new work rules, where we encourage agility and seek new solutions, under a multifunctional team, which brings people, processes, connectivity and technology together.

We are driving our digital transformation through a cultural change by becoming a customer-centric, data-driven company, with a multicloud strategy.

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