Fundación Renacer and Unicomer Group create alliance to train young beneficiaries


Through its "Creando Esperanza" (Creating Hope) program, Fundación Renacer aims to provide the opportunity through training in a basic trade (selected by each young person), as well as in various technical areas to guarantee them a job at the end of their training.

To date, the Foundation already has two graduating classes and has recently started training a group of 60 young people who make up the third class, which is expected to graduate within two years.

In total, the young people receive more than 400 hours per year distributed among English classes, psychological support, values, employability module, finances for life and technical training, so that the graduates of the Foundation constitute a qualified human resource, ready to be hired and providing a better future for these young people living in risk conditions.

On this occasion, Fundación Renacer joins Unicomer Group, a company that since its inception has promoted values and contributes to the development of its more than 15 thousand employees and the communities in the 26 countries where it operates. Unicomer Group constantly seeks to satisfy the needs of its customers through the retail sale of world-renowned brands and small appliances, furniture, audio, video, electronics, accessories and optical products, motorcycles, a variety of technological accessories, as well as financing plans for micro and small entrepreneurs that could not be obtained in traditional ways. It constantly seeks initiatives that allow them to contribute to the welfare of their audiences with programs that generate social, economic and environmental value in society.

As a result of its focus on the growth of communities, Unicomer Group joins this program with the support of 10 young people, giving them the opportunity to strengthen their skills and knowledge, and opening the doors to the world of work within its commercial chains. By supporting this program, the Group seeks to help young Salvadorans in vulnerable situations to have the opportunities to achieve a favorable future for themselves and their families.

The result of the NGO is already being harvested. Many of the beneficiaries of Promotions 1 and 2 have already been placed in different companies, not only in Grupo Poma but also in allies that have trusted in the work of the NGO.

In the words of Fernando Poma, vice-president of Fundación Renacer, "the Creando Esperanza program aims to give hope to young people in foster homes, training them in a basic trade so that they will later have a high probability of finding a job."

The executive goes on to say that "this is a program with a unique virtue, which is that it generates opportunities for young people from Casa Hogar and provides them with tools so that they have sufficient skills to fend for themselves when they reach the age limit and have to leave the Casa Hogar. Likewise, it is making available to the labor market a human resource with a stamp, which gives the probable employer the guarantee that he is hiring a person with adequate training".

According to Mario Simán, President and CEO of Unicomer Group "Our company has young talent and this inspires us to continue looking for initiatives that contribute to their education and development. On this occasion we are opening our doors as a company so that these young people can dream and have the opportunity they need to start their professional development. Through working together with Fundación Renacer we are giving young people the opportunity to overcome the circumstances that force them to remain in realities with different difficulties and challenges."

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