We Recognize Our Best Suppliers During the First Edition of the Supplier Awards


In our Supplier Award First Edition 2018-2019, we recognized the hard work and important role of our suppliers in the growth of our business during last year.

We are proud to be known as a leading company in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our success is the result of hard work and commitment of our employees and commercial allies.

The supplier awards are proof of recognition and appreciation to our suppliers for the important role they have in our business. They have become our commercial partners and fundamental pillars in our daily basis.

Therefore, in order to recognize this important work of our strategic allies, we decided to award 6 brands under different categories:

The award winners were selected by the Vice-Presidency of Merchandise and based on their sales performance and the alignment of their values with Unicomer Group. As Unicomer Group we are looking forward to continuing recognizing our suppliers and maintaining the commercial relationship that, after a long history has allowed us to bring well-being to millions of homes in America Latin and the Caribbean.

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